Avastar Preferences

The Avastar Preferences is actually a shortcut to the Avastar Add-on Preferences where you can setup some Add-on parameters. Normally you do not want to change anything here. However especially if you are a long time user or someone who knows much about Blender, then you possibly can make Avastar work better for you by adjusting the options in that panel.

The Add-on preferences contain various customization parameters for setting up the Avastar User Interface. You get to the Add-on preferences page as follows:

  • Open the Settings Panel in the Avastar vertical tab
  • Click the Avastar Preferences

Right after you clicked on the Avastar Preferences button a new Panel appears in a popup window (see below). There you can modify the Avastar settings. Please read the tool tips for further explanations of the parameters.

The Add-on Preferences Popup

Here is a snapshot of the upper part of the Add-on Preferences panel:


Note: All preferences have been documented by using long tool tips. Just hover over a specific element to see what it is about.