Face Expressions

While Avastar-2 supports the face bones from the Bento Rig, this page is about the prepared face expressions from the Secondlife System character. Those expressions are actually based on Shape keys and do not apply to custom Mesh characters! when you look for Bento face expressions, we currently do not provide any face presets.

Avastar supports hand expressions and face expressions for the system character (legacy avatar)

  • Hand Expressions: We support all 15 SL Hand expressions.
    Note: An SL Animation can only contain one single Hand expression. And this hand expression will remain valid for the entire animation sequence. If you need to change the Hand expression you will have to split the animation into pieces and then merge the animations in the SL animation editor.
  • Face expressions: Unlike hand expressions face expressions are implemented as Shape keys. We support all 20 face expressions. In Blender the face expressions can even be animated (key framed). However this fine detail of animation is not (yet?) available in OpenSim or other compatible online worlds. But for Blender animations the expressions are fully implemented and can be combined and key framed.
  • Select the Armature
  • Open the Object section in the Properties windows (the small cube)
  • scroll down to the bottom of the properties window
  • Open the expressions panel
  • select which hand expression you want from the drop down list
  • Now go to the Animation export panel
  • And make the export